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YorkU Hacks Chapter 2

October 26 - 27 | York University

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Welcome to changing the world

Technology has been contributing a great deal in a world guided by material value and consumerism, providing comfort for the people who can afford it. This time we are asking: can we harness the growth of innovation and apply it to places outside the tech bubble? And how can you contribute to it?

What makes YorkU Hacks

YorkU Hacks is a space, an opportunity, an experience that foster collaborative thinking. A place for people who want to explore themselves, who want to think beyond border. We welcome anyone, any background, as long as you are continuously curious to find out what you can achieve.

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I met some cool people, worked on a problem I cared about, created a pretty cool solution to that problem, and learned some tech on the way.

River Wong

YorkU Hacks 2018 Finalist

Panel: AI application in health care


Rober Boshra

Rober Boshra is a postgraduate affiliate at the Vector Institute with a primary focus on explainable machine learning for brain injury assessment. Rober has prioritized the development of a specialized skill-set to enable several investigations of unique interactions and applications of machine learning in healthcare.

Daniyal Liaqat

Daniyal is a fifth year PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. He is also a student affiliate at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. His area of interest includes continuous sensing using mobile and wearable devices for health monitoring applications.


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Sponsor for a better world

At YorkU Hacks, we are creating a youthful wave of entrepreneurs, artists, developers, designers, and engineers. We believe that ideas that can positively impact this world will come from merging perspectives which are uncommon and unique.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can attend YorkU Hacks?

YorkU Hacks is open to students from all disciplines and programs, high schools and colleges are welcome too.

How do I register?

You can submit your application starting August 10th onwards through this website. Keep your eyes out for our decision emails once applied.

How does a team work?

Teams consist of 4 to 5 members. You can always use our facebook group and slack channel to find other individuals who might be your potential team members.

How do I attend YorkU Hacks

YorkU Hacks is being held at York University in Toronto. We may provide limited reimbursement. More details coming soon!

What should I bring for the hackathon?

Make sure to bring a government issued ID. It's best to bring your own laptop. We will email you a list of everything else you might need for YorkU Hacks. (eg: toothbrush, sleeping bag, deodorant, etc)

What if I don't know how to code?

No problem at all! In fact, our participants come from a diverse disciplines. YorkU Hacks is meant to be a place to pick up new skills and concepts. There will be workshops and mentors which will help ease you through the hackathon experience.